Our Process

We work with licensed local fishers and processors to source North Atlantic Cod skins caught in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and on the shores of Newfoundland & Labrador.

By hand, we thoroughly clean the raw material and prepare the full-length skins to be air-dried, utilizing a fish flake - a process that has been used for more than 500 years in Newfoundland & Labrador. This traditional slow-dry process drastically reduces our dependence on electricity.

The final product is human grade with an incredible crunch and satisfying chew.

Packed with Protein, Omega-3 and Collagen. All necessary for a healthy dog's diet.


Land & Sea Cod Skins are a sustainable and all-natural pet treat made from a single ingredient: dehydrated North Atlantic cod skins. Cod skins, which are generally discarded in the filleting-process, can be vital in providing pets with protein, Omega - 3 fatty acids, and collagen, for a healthy coat, skin, and joints.